House of Stones

A feature film written and produced by Pittsburgh Black artists.

The Idea...

What happens when four actors engage in conversation about the power of creating stories and characters based on the diverse artistic community in their city?  The answer, an original feature film, from the African-American perspective, about a topic that is all too familiar in our community...the relationships between Black men and their fathers.

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The Impact...


The goal of this project is to  provide creative opportunities for the Black arts community in Pittsburgh, more specifically Pittsburgh’s Black film community. The film’s artistry, authentic voice and film collaboration are essential to creating a project for us and produced by us, and also creates jobs and employment opportunities for local artists, while strengthening artists’ networks and relationships with Black artists in diverse artistic genres.  Your contributions will not only help us to produce this film, but It will also demonstrate your support for community artists and the growth of our artistic community.  

What is House of Stones?

House of Stones is a dramatic comedy about four brothers who are forced to confront their true identities after meeting at their father’s funeral.  Not knowing that they are brothers and meeting for the first time, they are shocked to learn that their father, Earl, has included each of them in his will, leaving them $25,000 each.  However, the only way to receive the money is that they adhere to their father’s one condition — they must live together for a month. Naturally, their personalities and lifestyles provide a variety of laughs, emotions and confrontations as chaos ensues and leaves them all questioning their own lives as well as figuring out how to move forward as a family.  

Watch the teaser trailer here:

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Maurice Redwood


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Monteze Freeland


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Malic Williams

Story Development

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Brenden Peifer

Story Development

Watch the full teaser here:

Coming 2021

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